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“Too many athletes overachieving in grade school athletics, only to underachieve in life.”

Year after year it pained former Widener University student-athlete, Tracy A. Jones, to see both his peers and aspiring athletes overachieve in athletics, only to underachieve in life. Many due to a lack of quality academic preparation or poor character development. Passionate about creating change in the community through sports, Tracy would launch the T. Alexander Foundation in 2016.

With limited athletic opportunities available for student-athletes after high school, the organization partners with youth-serving organizations and educational institutions to conduct conversations, periodic workshops, and academies that are designed to educate, inspire, and equip student-athletes with the skills needed to discover their respective intersection of passion, talent and purpose.

As an emerging social enterprise, the T. Alexander Foundation courageously merges athletics, academics and character development to facilitate the advancement of dynamic individuals and their communities.



Our mission is to develop dynamic individuals through athletics by (1) preparing athletes for what’s next -PA4WN™ and (2)advocating for access to equitable opportunities for athletes that diversify the talent pipeline and reduce the opportunity divide. Learn more about our two-prong approach of programming and advocacy:

Programming - Preparing Athletes For What's Next - PA4WN™

Holistic programming for individuals between the ages of 13 - 24.

Programming - Student-Athlete Resource (SAR)

Across high schools, the average student-to-school-counselor ratio is 311 students to 1.

We offer school districts with a comprehensive program that promotes success and achievement for student-athletes. The student-athlete resource (SAR) assists students on a path for post-secondary success while reducing the burden of school counselors.

Advocacy - Creating Equitable Opportunities for the Athlete in Transit

Intentional educational offerings with community stakeholders and businesses on how philanthropy and sports can be used to address economic, social, political, gender, and racial barriers to close the opportunity divide in Black & Brown communities. As well as creating strategic partnerships with these groups to provide meaningful employment opportunities for athletes in transit.



We envision self-suficient communities where sports is leveraged to access equitable resources and opportunities for all.


The T. Alexander Foundation is comprised of former scholar athletes, educators, working professionals, entrepreneurs, policy makers and students. Each member of the team provides.a perceptive that allows each of our program’s to be delivered that encourages a diversity in thought and actionable takeaways. The core staff of the organization is the Executive Director, Director of Development, Director of Programming and Director of Operations. To sustain the impact, our organization will need to fund the salaries for the four position as these positions have previously been held by individuals that are gracious enough to lend the expertise to a noble cause.

Consider contributing today to support the program expenses such as salaries that are not typically fund through grants!

Assist us in this important work of closing the opportunity gap by developing dynamic individuals!