Unfortunately, society socializes many of our under-estimated youth to believe that success is only possible through athletics or entertainment. Multiple factors foster this belief: lack of family structure, social media/commercialization, and peer pressures, to name a few. The damages of this belief are the lack of perceived benefit of education, hard work, and character over a quick solution for wealth. We must reverse this treadmill of oblivion occupied by our young people and plant early seeds of self-worth and integrity before they leap into the pursuit of happiness on hoop dreams. Admittedly, this is not new. However, the growing erosion of communities and lack of focus and hope among our youth is criminal.

Education should be the prority- not compliance..PNG

Rather than develop solutions based on the needs and experiences of those currently residing in the community, many of the service providers - corporations, nonprofits, governmental agencies, educational systems, other NGOs- place a false reliance on their "one size fits all" philanthropic approach which only puts a temporary bandage on generational scars. Communities are beyond handouts. It's time we provide solutions and partnerships that provide access to equitable opportunities and promote self-sufficiency.

Across high schools, the average student-to-school-counselor ratio is 311 students to 1.

Sports is one of a few activities where race, society, economics, and politics naturally intersect. We use sports as a conduit to discuss the harsh realities facing society and developing equitable solutions that diversify the talent pipeline!

We have been engaged to have dynamic conversations and workshops on the following topics:

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Delusion of Inclusion Vs. Diversity & Inclusion

Selective Silence (Respect of Women and Gender Identities)

Economic Development through Social Entrepreneurship

Community Building via Public and Private Partnerships

Civic Engagement & Activism

Impact over Intentions

Cultural Proficiency

Sports Philanthropy

Career Coaching