We’re so excited to participate #GivingBlackDay, but we need your help! #GivingBlackDay is like no other #fundraising campaign. On 8/28 from 8am - 11pm, we will be joining the Young, Black & Giving Back Institute in their call for financial support of grassroots organizations that specifically serve Black communities. Will you help us celebrate? You can learn more about the movement and campaign at


Students are ill-equipped to make informed decisions on post-secondary opportunities due to the lack of guidance and equitable resources during their most formative years. Without knowing their options, students inadvertently may miss out on the best path forward or are led in directions that don’t align with their passion and talents.

Across high schools, the average student-to-school-counselor ratio is 311 students to 1.

Through the power of sports, we believe we can educate and provide opportunities for personal exploration that lead to an individuals empowerment of self. By 2025 we want each student-athlete to have one career and personal aspiration for every athletic dream!



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