Across high schools, the average student-to-school-counselor ratio is 311 students to 1. It is impossible for counselors to provide meaningful guidance to assist each student they serve in identifying successful post-secondary pathways. Void of quality instruction and equitable resources during their most formative years, we are depriving students of a fulfilling future.

Sports is one of a few activities where race, society, economics, and politics naturally intersect. We use sports as a conduit to discuss the harsh realities facing society and developing equitable solutions that diversify the talent pipeline! With your assistance, we can continue in the critical work of leveraging sports to educate youth, advance communities and diversify the talent pipeline.


Creating additional programming requires multiple layers of support, and there are many ways you can ASSIST!


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We want to surround our youth with professionals and leaders in the community that can provide insights and resources to our youth and community.



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Spread the word.

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