P A 4 W N™

Drop the 4, and you have PAWN.

In chess, the pawn is the most sacrificed piece in the game. The pawn is often placed in sacrificial positions for the advancement, of the other pieces in the game. In sports, most athletes are pawns. Athletic departments utilize their talent for the advancement of a program, school or maybe even for the coach's career. Unfortunately, the system surrounding athletes often sets them up for failure. Athletes are encouraged to focus on their sport rather than the broader system of life. Consequently, after their athletic prowess in no longer needed, athletes are often left without the tools to be successful in the long run.

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There are striking similarities between athletes and pawns - the pawn can only move one space after its initial move and requires the longest trek to the other side of the board. Despite the slow, deliberate progression, there is hope. When the pawn advances and achieves cross-board success, the pawn has a choice of promotion into any piece the user would like (except the king). Athletes too can decide on a strategic path (time, tenacity, and team) that leverages their participation in sports to equitable opportunities, not just jobs that they are forced to settle for.

We Prepare Athletes for What's Next by courageously merging academic, character, and athletic development via periodic conversations, workshops, and academies. Leading to self-empowerment, our holistic programming conducted during non-school time is designed to educate and provide individuals with opportunities to explore their talents, passion, and purpose.

Office Hours w/TA

Unsure about what’s next? Let us assist!

Step away from the generic resources provided by well-intended counselors to have a conversation tailored to your needs with a trusted advisor. Whether you are struggling with the transition from high school to post secondary institution, student-athlete to working professional or ready to pivot from student-athlete to student, we are here for you!

Office hours are by appointment only and conducted at The Emerald Campus (2120 Oregon Pike, Lancaster, PA 17601).

Ball & Talk

Transform community spaces during non-peak times into learning hubs that promote literacy and health!

Program conducting at two locations: The Emerald Campus (2120 Oregon Pike, Lancaster, PA 17601) & The Mix at Arbor Place (520 North Street, Lancaster, PA 17602).

One topic: 60 minutes. Collective engagement & various outcomes!

Previous topics included: Student - Athlete 101; Community & Sports; Summer Slide; Education over Exposure; Power Dynamics - Coaching Considerations; Academic/Career Pivots; Business of Youth Sports; Respect of Women.

Program traditional occurs during non school time (Evenings, Weekends, Holiday Breaks)


PA4WN Academy

A fun three-day program, during non-school time, that centers the intersection of academics, athleticism, and character development to allow student-athletes to explore their own identity outside of athletics and career interest.

Program traditional occurs during summer months (June - August)