For the 16-17 academic year, we set out to provide programming to scholars who also happen to be athletes. Using athletics as a tool to engage these scholars, we were able to provide programming to over 250 enthusiastic attendees through our holistic development approach.

Flexible programming along with the use of multiple facilities in the community, provided accessible options throughout the academic year for the scholar athletes. Both former and current scholar athletes volunteered during the year to facilitate programming. Notably, the most effective formats were presented as “in-school” lunch workshops, after school programs, and weekend clinics. Therefore, careful attention will be given to the programming schedule for 2017-18 academic year to maximize access and attendance for more scholar athletes.

In addition to the programming provided during the academic year, we crafted a ”Spring Internship”. The opportunity was extended to a well-deserved scholar who displayed a consistent commitment to academics, character development and program goals. Our internship is designed to expose current scholar athletes to the different careers that intersect with their respective passion for athletics. Alexander Harris, a 3.6 sophomore student from Mastery Charter Shoemaker Campus was selected as our inaugural intern. During the internship, Alexander conducted research on the academic progression of student athletes attending local universities, assisted in the development of the workshops for the basketball literacy after school program, and was responsible for increasing the social media footprint of the organization. Alexander’s contributions during his internship were invaluable; resulting in a great collaboration where The Foundation continues to support Alexander in his goal achievement and Alexander is willing to role model lessons learned for the attendees that will come behind him.  

As an organization, we will continue to advocate for the best interest of our scholar athletes.  While our 2016-17 academic year was filled with notable achievement, some harsh truths remain regarding the academic system our scholars are subjected to. We will continue to advocate for the “whole” student – scholarship, character and athletics. Our programming will continue to fill identified gaps and provide suitable alternatives for willing scholar athletes who dare to set goals beyond where they are and work hard for a success of their choosing. For true success is contained at the intersection of one’s talents and passion.

We are grateful for the programming partners who have afforded us with the opportunities, resources and autonomy to conduct programming during the 16-17 Academic Year. Programming provided during the year will have a lasting impact on the scholar athletes we were fortunate to service. Communities change when our scholar athletes are able to be the best version of themselves; for their uniqueness will create breakthroughs that challenge the status-quo.

We’re excited about what is on the horizon for our programming. 

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