"Education over Exposure"

Exposure benefits the prepared. Education helps the preprepared use the exposure to propel to new heights.
— Tracy A. Jones, Founder & Executive Director

Year after year, parents are lured to athletic opportunities that promise to provide student athletes with a balanced experience. Program organizers use the promotion of education and athletic development as the differentiating factors when compared to, the more expensive national competitors. However, the shortcomings shared among all of the athletic programs; athletic experience without academic achievement. With maximum attendance, individual development and goal setting remains deficient while only athletic prowess is highlighted.

Athletics provides an opportunity; character, intellect, and work ethic will extend the prospects for the future. Student athletes can acquire a unique set of transferable skills through participation in organized sports. However, academic development is intimately linked to lasting individual success and team performance. Statistics continue to confirm the “life-after sports” scenario: success is rarely achieved without adequate tools and preparation for “what comes next.”

It is imperative that athletes today, understand the need for scholarly insights which is the critical link to on and off court success. “Education over Exposure” is dedicated to academic strategies and constructive relationships with trusted mentors and coaches, that can provide an authentic commitment to the success of the “Scholar Athlete.”

As another summer gradually comes to an end, ask your scholar athlete, were they educated or exposed?