Who We Are

The T. Alexander Foundation is a Pennsylvania - based nonprofit organization working throughout the country, preparing athletes for what’s next (PA4WN). Guided by the mission of developing dynamic individuals through athletics, we provide holistic development to athletes between the ages of 13 - 24. Our balanced approach allows athletes the opportunity to explore and identify their respective talents and purpose early so they may pursue opportunities that better align with the two. In addition to the programming, we are advocates in the community for our athletes on the following issues: meaningful education, representation, inclusion, mental health and access to equitable opportunities.

Founded in 2016, through partnerships with community organizations, educational institutions, and Fortune 500 companies, we’ve provided holistic development to more than 1,000 program participants.



Students are ill-equipped to make informed decisions on post-secondary opportunities due to the lack of guidance and equitable resources during their most formative years. Without knowing their options, students inadvertently may miss out on the best path forward or are led in directions that don’t align with their passion and talents.

Across high schools, the average student-to-school-counselor ratio is 311 students to 1.

Through the power of sports, we believe we can educate and provide opportunities for personal exploration that lead to an individuals empowerment of self. Sports is one of the few activities where race, society, economics, and politics naturally intersect. We leverage the excitement around sports to advance communities and develop equitable solutions that diversify the talent pipeline. All of which starts with increasing the readiness of our students!


Creating Access. Changing Narratives. Eliminating Excuses!



The current education system is failing our students. Most of the instruction given conditions individuals to compliance rather than learning. We use the excitement around sports to provide meaningful educational experiences to individuals and communities on various intersectional topics.


Health - financial, physical, and mental

We offer holistic development that addresses the whole individual through the courageous merging of academic, character and athletic development. Leading to self-empowerment, our unique programming is designed to educate and provide individuals with opportunities to explore their talents, passion, and purpose.



Sports extract so much from the under resourced communities than it provides. We help individuals and communities understand the business of sports at all levels to ensure that the relationships entered into between organizations and communities are mutually beneficial.



Leading to self-empowerment, our unique programming is designed to educate and provide individuals with opportunities to explore their talents, passion, and purpose. Via periodic conversations, workshops, and academies we courageously merge academic, character, and athletic development to provide a holistic development experience for individuals in transit - preparing athletes for what's next (PA4WN™).

With your assistance, we can continue in the critical work of leveraging sports to educate youth, advance communities and diversify the talent pipeline.

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The true power of sports can only be realized after we have individual determined the expectations of our participation.